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Cathy Lee Crane

WEOS: 02/06/2014
WSKG: 02/09/2014

Documentary film maker

Crane is a graduate of both San Francisco State University and Sarah Lawrence College. She has been
making narrative/ documentary hybrid films since 1994. Her first feature film “Pasolini’s Last Word’s” was released in
2012 and had it premiere at theĀ  Festival of New Cinema in Montreal, Canada.
All of her short films have been broadcast on television in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and were
presented in a special filmmaker portrait in Germany at the Oldenburg Film Festival in April 2001
as well as in the United States on the Southern Circuit in March 2003. She has also directed music videos,
created installations, and photographed numerous films for other directors.
She is the recipient of the prestigiousĀ 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship in Film-Video.