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Jeanne Mackin

WEOS: 06/14/2014
WSKG: 06/15/2014

Historical fiction novelist discussing "The Beautiful American"

Jeanne Mackin is the author of several historical novels: The Sweet By and By , based on the life of nineteenth century spiritualist Maggie Fox; Dreams of Empire , a domestic comedy set in Napoleonic Egypt, The Queen’s War  a novel about Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Courts of Love, and The Frenchwoman , a romance set in revolutionary France and the Pennsylvania wilderness. Writing as Anna Maclean she is author of the Louisa May Alcott mystery trilogy.
The focus of our interview will be her new work of historical fiction, entitled, THE BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN,  based on the life of model-turned photographer Lee Miller. This fascinating and beautifully written novel takes us to Paris in the 1920’s, to London after the Blitz, and encompasses the surrealist art scene that included Miller’s lover, Man Ray.