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Nicholas Down

WEOS: 10/25/2014
WSKG: 10/26/2014

Artist, Painter, retired physician

Born in Kampala Uganda, Down spent a formative childhood in East Africa before returning to the United Kingdom to study at the Kings School Canterbury and the London Hospital Medical College where he both qualified with Distinction as a Doctor in 1980 and received an Honorary Blue Medal for his work as Director of the Art Society.

Retiring from his work as a family doctor in 2012, he migrated to the USA to continue his career as a professional artist. His critically acclaimed paintings have become highly sought after and are held in private collections in the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy and the Far East. His work has been shown in many solo and group shows in the US and around the world. Down lives in Dryden, NY.

About his art:
My paintings hint at that which is both visible and yet invisible; part real, part imagined. In the act of painting, I am attempting to bring forth the dreams and visual memories of a lifetime’s observation of the natural world.