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Category: Arts

  • Bevin O’Gara

    Bevin O’Gara

    Artistic Director, Kitchen Theatre Company

     O’Gara is a graduate of Boston University. She spent over 15 years with the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston, where…

    WEOS: 09/30/2017
    WSKG: 10/08/2017
  • Jon Reis

    Jon Reis

    Photographer/Photojournalist talks about his long career

    Reis has been in Ithaca since 1973 where he began his photography business as a freelancer for several publications, including…

    WEOS: 08/19/2017
    WSKG: 08/27/2017
  • Sally Ramirez

    Sally Ramirez

    Latin/world music singer/actress

    Ramirez has performed on stage, in musical theater, operettas, and jazz venues across the US. In collaboration with musician and…

    WEOS: 07/15/2017
    WSKG: 07/23/2017
  • Jed Riffe

    Jed Riffe

    Documentary filmmaker/ producer w/ focus on social issues/history

    Riffe is an award-winning independent filmmaker and new media producer based in Berkeley, CA. He is best known for being…

    WEOS: 06/10/2017
    WSKG: 06/18/2017
  • Linna Dolph

    Linna Dolph

    Mixed-media glass artist

    Dolph’s work includes landscapes, abstracts and geometrics. She has worked professionally in this medium for 15 years. Intertwined with her…

    WEOS: 05/27/2017
    WSKG: 06/04/2017
  • Shirley Hogg

    Shirley Hogg

    Artist/painter, known for life sized paintings of endangered animals

    Hogg is known for her beautiful water color paintings of animals, wild and domestic.She was born and raised in Ontario,…

    WEOS: 02/18/2017
    WSKG: 02/26/2017
  • Laura Glenn

    Laura Glenn

    Poet/visual aritist discusses her new chapbook "When the Ice Melts"

    Glenn is a poet, visual artist and freelance copy editor. Her work has been published in many magazines and literary…

    WEOS: 01/28/2017
    WSKG: 02/05/2017
  • Jane Dennis

    Jane Dennis

    Multi-media sculptor and painter

    Dennis began her career as an artist in her 20’s when she got involved with the gallery and publishing house…

    WEOS: 12/31/2016
    WSKG: 01/08/2017
  • Mauro Marinelli

    Mauro Marinelli

    Photographer, artist and writer

    Marinelli earned his BFA in photography and English from Manhattanville College. In the late 1970’s he traveled around the US…

    WEOS: 12/17/2016
    WSKG: 12/25/2016
  • Mary Lorson

    Mary Lorson

    Performer, writer, composer discusses new musical memoir and upcoming CD release

    Lorson is well-known in our region and beyond, as both a solo artist and with the groups such as Saint…

    WEOS: 11/19/2016
    WSKG: 11/27/2016