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  • Linna Dolph

    Linna Dolph

    Mixed-media glass artist

    Dolph’s work includes landscapes, abstracts and geometrics. She has worked professionally in this medium for 15 years. Intertwined with her…

    WEOS: 05/27/2017
    WSKG: 06/04/2017
  • Tenzin Chopak

    Tenzin Chopak

    Singer/songwriter discusses and shares excerpts from new CD "Alone in the House"

    Chopak studied piano, guitar and voice as a youth but he left behind music for many years to pursue the…

    WEOS: 05/20/2017
    WSKG: 05/28/2017
  • Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings

    Poet, dicusses his new collection "Crossings A Record of Travel: New & Selected Poems"

    Jennings is the author of 10 collections of poetry including Bone Songs & Sanctuaries and River Time. His work has…

    WEOS: 05/13/2017
    WSKG: 05/21/2017
  • Rev. Barbara Blom “Framing Our Democracy” series

    Rev. Barbara Blom “Framing Our Democracy” series

    Discusses faith, inclusion and social justice in the Trump era

    Rev. Blom is a United Church of Christ minister currently serving an Evangelical Lutheran Church in Spencer, New York. She…

    WEOS: 05/06/2017
    WSKG: 05/14/2017
  • Burns & Kristy

    Burns & Kristy

    Singer/songwriter music duo

    Terry Burns and Ron Kristy met in Nashville as independent musicians and songwriters, married 2004 and began collaborating in 2011.…

    WEOS: 04/22/2017
    WSKG: 04/30/2017
  • Sarah Jefferis

    Sarah Jefferis

    Poet, discusses and reads from her stunning new collection "What Enters the Mouth"

    Jefferis is a grad of both Cornell University (MFA) and SUNY Binghamton (Ph.D), Her writing has been published in many…

    WEOS: 04/15/2017
    WSKG: 04/23/2017
  • Jeff Cohen “Framing Our Democracy” series

    Jeff Cohen “Framing Our Democracy” series

    Discusses fake news and media influences (good and bad) on our democratic process

    Cohen is the founding director of The Park Center for Independent Media, and Associate Professor of Journalism, both at Ithaca…

    WEOS: 04/08/2017
    WSKG: 04/16/2017
  • Bob Riter  “Health Challenges” Series

    Bob Riter “Health Challenges” Series

    Discusses rare disease "Periodic Fever Disorder"

    Riter is the long-time executive Director of the Cancer Resource Center. For over ten years he has also written a…

    WEOS: 04/01/2017
    WSKG: 04/09/2017
  • Susan Quinn

    Susan Quinn

    Author of bestseller "Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady"

    Quinn is a grad of Oberlin College and began her writing career as a newspaper reporter on a suburban daily…

    WEOS: 03/18/2017
    WSKG: 03/26/2017
  • Bruce Bennett

    Bruce Bennett

    Award winning poet discusses his new collection "Just Another Day In Just Our Town"

    Bennett is a graduate of Harvard and taught for over 40 years at Wells College in Aurora NY. He was…

    WEOS: 03/11/2017
    WSKG: 03/19/2017