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Category: Public Affairs/Social Issues

  • Susan Quinn

    Susan Quinn

    Author, discusses her bestseller "Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady"

    Quinn is a grad of Oberlin College and began her writing career as a newspaper reporter on a suburban daily…

    WEOS: 03/18/2017
    WSKG: 03/26/2017
  • Lisa Graves “Framing Our Democracy” Series

    Lisa Graves “Framing Our Democracy” Series

    Executive Director of Center for Media and Democracy

    The first segment of our new “occasional” series “Framing Our Democracy” features Lisa Graves. Graves is the Executive Director of…

    WEOS: 03/04/2017
    WSKG: 03/12/2017
  • Elizabeth F. Schwartz

    Elizabeth F. Schwartz

    LGBT rights attorney discusses her book "Before I Do: A Legal Guide to Marriage, Gay or Otherwise"

      Elizabeth Schwartz has been practicing law since 1997 and is a nationally recognized advocate for the legal rights of…

    WEOS: 02/11/2017
    WSKG: 02/19/2017
  • Juliana Adams, RN

    Juliana Adams, RN

    RN, discusses her memoir "The Joy of Nursing: Reclaiming Our Nobility"

      Adams has been in nursing for over 50 years. She has been an advocate for the profession as a…

    WEOS: 01/28/2017
    WSKG: 02/05/2017
  • Ira Rabois

    Ira Rabois

    Educator and author of "Compassionate Critical Thinking: How Mindefulness, Creativity, Empathy, and Socratic Questioning Can Transform Teaching"

    Rabois recently retired after 27 years, as a teacher of English, psychology, philosophy, drama, history and Karate at the Lehman…

    WEOS: 12/24/2017
    WSKG: 01/15/2017
  • Ritch Savin-Williams

    Ritch Savin-Williams

    Psychologist, discussing his book, Becoming Who I am: Young Men on Being Gay

    Savin-Williams is a Professor Emeritus in Developmental Psychology at Cornell University. He is also a licensed clinical psychologist and has…

    WEOS: 12/10/2016
    WSKG: 12/18/2016
  • Angela Sullivan & Stacy Cangelosi

    Angela Sullivan & Stacy Cangelosi

    Executive Diretor & Education Director, Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins Co.

    Angela Sullivan has a Masters in Public Administration and a Master of Arts in International Relations from The Maxwell School…

    WEOS: 11/26/2016
    WSKG: 12/04/2016
  • Megan Shull

    Megan Shull

    Children's book author discusses her new novel "Bounce."

    Author of many books for kids and young adults, Shull’s novel The Swap was recently made into a Disney Channel…

    WEOS: 11/05/2016
    WSKG: 11/13/2016
  • Natasha Thompson

    Natasha Thompson

    Discussing hunger w/ President of The Food Bank of the Southern Tier

    Thompson is currently the President and CEO of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier in Elmira, New York. She…

    WEOS: 10/29/2016
    WSKG: 11/06/2016
  • William Carlsen

    William Carlsen

    Journalist and author of Jungle of Stone: The True Story of Two Men, Their Extraordinary Journey & The Discovery of the Lost Civilization of the Maya

    Carlsen was a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle for over 20 years, where he was a finalist for a…

    WEOS: 10/22/2016
    WSKG: 10/30/2016