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Diane Ackerman

WEOS: 10/11/2014
WSKG: 10/12/2014

Award-winning naturalist , poet & author discusses "The Human Age: The World Shaped By Us"

Diane Ackerman is the author of two dozen highly-acclaimed works of poetry and nonfiction, including the bestsellers “The Zookeeper’s Wife” and “A Natural History of the Senses,” and the Pulitzer Prize Finalist, “One Hundred Names for Love.”
In her most recent book , “The Human Age: the World Shaped by Us,” she confronts the unprecedented fact that the human race is now the single dominant force of change on the whole planet.
The Human Age is a beguiling, optimistic engagement with the earth-shaking changes now affecting every part of our lives and those of our fellow creatures — a wise book that will astound, delight, and inform intelligent life for a long time to come.