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Eleanor Henderson & Sarah Jefferis

WEOS: 06/07/2014
WSKG: 06/08/2014

Discussing anthology "Labor Day: True Birth Stories by Today's Best Women Writers"

Thirty acclaimed writers share their personal birth stories—the extraordinary, the ordinary, the terrifying, the sublime, the profane in “Labor Day: True Birth Stories by Today’s Best Women Writers”

This book was co-edited by Eleanor Henderson.  Sarah Jefferis is one of the contributors.
It’s an elemental, almost animalistic urge—the expectant mother’s hunger for birth narratives. Bookstores are filled with month-by-month pregnancy manuals, but the shelves are virtually empty of artful, entertaining, unvarnished accounts of labor and delivery—the stories that new mothers need most.
Here is a book that transcends the limits of how-to guides and honors the act of childbirth in the twenty-first century. Novelists Eleanor Henderson (“Ten Thousand Saints”) and Anna Solomon (“The Little Bride”)
 are the co-editors of this fascinating new anthology.